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You can also contact Hearts Playingcards for the production of (party)games; from the board to the cardboard box and anything related to that. Because we are a member of printer Van den Berg & Versluijs we are able to take care of the entire graphic process for you.


For Taroscope Productions B.V. we designed and produced the game Taroscope (www.taroscopedream.com). And for Identity Games International we produced for example the game Turbo Investor and a game about the city of Arkel.


Educational games

Would you like to discuss aspects of teamwork without exerting yourself? Or would you like tot open a meeting in a surprisingly new way? A cardgame can be an original, surprising and effective means in a business environment!


We produced the game above for publisher Thema. For this publisher we also produced the educational games POPping spel and Het Teamspel.


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